Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The sun is shining through my window, we're making music, making music.

So again, it has been quite some time since I last saw this blank page of a new post. A lot has been happening since the end of June. The Ascend The Hill show on July 3rd was incredible and had a huge impact on my life. I have been feeling so happy and peaceful since that show, despite some strange times I've been having this month. "The love of God is greater far, than tongue or pen could ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest hell." There is not many words truer than those.
I also had the pleasure of volunteering at camp July 6-8 and had a blast! I was working with 2nd and 3rd grade kids and they are adorable! Every single one of them was so much fun to talk to and play with. The girls in my cabin were all from the DeMotte area so we had a little bit in common, knowing some of the same people, and understanding where they were talking about when they'd talk about a place in town. These little girls had SO much energy! Every night I would be so tired and they were all running around crazy in the cabin laughing and talking and sometimes even singing. I also got to interact with a lot of the other kids during "family group" time which was basically a small group where we learned our bible verse and made up a bible skit and other fun stuff. That group of kids were the absolute BEST. The little girls always wanted to sit on my lap or hold my hand and the guys would tell me some of the silliest jokes I've ever heard. I miss all of them so much.
While I was at camp a lot of MY old camp counselors were there and they were telling me all about Sr. High camp and how much fun it was going to be and how I HAD to sign up. So I got pressured into going to Sr. High camp and I am SO glad I did. It was AWESOME. I never went to cabin camp as a kid and now I am kind of upset that I never went. I had so much fun. Behold The Branch played for worship every night so it was pretty sweet to get to see all of them during the week.

In other news...
My two best friends are leaving for college this month ): I do not want them to go! I am gunna miss them so much! I have to find new friends now?!

I am SUPER excited for Fleet Foxes coming to Chicago on October 1st. My brother and I will be going to that show, most definitely. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and I am snatching them right up!

I have finally got my wardrobe all straightened out. I finally feel like it is complete. I bought a few new pairs of shoes last week and I don't plan on buying much of anything for a while.

I am starting school again soon. Ew. But I hope to get done early this year. I'm thinking I wanna graduate by the end of January. I know December would normally be the cut off for early graduation stuff, but that is the wonderful thing about being home schooled. You can graduate whenever you want! And I know that I can do it by December, but it isn't very likely, so I am giving myself a little more time.

I do believe I finally found the right college for me and I am super excited about it. I think I'll do a whole post about it sometime soon (:

I also want to start doing some outfit postings. I feel like I've been putting together some cute stuff lately (:

I NEED to buy some film for my Polaroid cameras. I know I JUST said I am not buying anything any time soon, but I changed my mind, I need some film. I want to take some sweet pictures!

I have been working some pretty crazy hours at work lately, doing shipment and overnights. I got to work on some visual things this past weekend and I was in heaven. I love putting together outfits, and knowing that lots of other people are coming in and noticing my work makes me realy happy and excited. (:

I am thinking I may start some sort of alterations "business" soon...more to come on that thought too.

I've got lots more I gotta do today and it's already 4 in the afternoon! Eep!

Nancy (:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Yellow Moon Risin' Up Over Them Old Hills

Wow, it has been forever since I last posted. My month of June has been absolutely crazy! I am one of those people that likes to know what is going on every day and I like to look back at a calander and remember what happened on what day. I'll give you a little glimpse of my calander for June.
I have a color system to give myself a quick idea of what is going on that day.
I only have 3 uncolored days. My month was extremely busy! Let me just go through the most important days for you (:

June 4: A friend named Dave Black had his awesome cd release! The band is Anchors. The cd is Feathers. The music is awesome.

June 5: 2 very good friends of mine got hitched! Yay! Jess looked stunnigly beautiful in her wedding dress and Austin looked pretty dashing himself. (: The wedding was so nice, small, but lovely. The reception, however, was a blast. I had such an awesome time dancing and talking to good friends that night.

June 7: My BIRTHDAY!! Woot Woot! Haha, I finally turned 18! I was counting down the days til this birthday from day 365. Being 18 seems to be all it is cracked up to be. I didn't do anything too wild like a strip club or anything (I don't think I'd enjoy that too much) but I did buy myself a lotto ticket and some cigars (: My ticket was a dud and my cigars are all still wrapped. I don't know if I will ever smoke them. Probably not. Also for my birthday I got 2 Polaroid cameras! I still need to get some film for them, but I am certainly excited to get started with them. I also went out and bought myself a 32g iTouch and I am loving it!
(my birthday presents: cameras from mom and dad, Casino Cash, cigar and awesome F7U12 birthday card from my brother, other lotto ticket, Black&Milds, and peach flavored cigar from myself. Picture taken with my new iPod)

June 11: I took my ACT test and my mom says my results may be available now. EEEP!! I don't think I did so well on this guy. I felt like I was really prepared, but when the tet day came I was so nervous and the actual test is WAY different than those silly practice ones they give you in the prep classes.

June 13: My brother Todd's birthday. (My only brother and sibling.) He turned 20 and we had a fun little party for him with his girlfriend and our grandparents. He is a super strange kid, but so much fun. He's so funny and witty and I love him so much. (I can say that on here because I know he doesn't read my blog.) Anyways, he really likes unicorns and that seemed to be the theme of the day. My mom made him a birthday card with a unicorn on it and we got a yummy ice cream cake from DQ with a great unicorn that he actually drew and we copied.
the cake reads "have a magical birthday!"

June 14: A friend of mine, Jennie Wellsand, had her cd release show in Valparaiso. You definitely need to check out her website and get her cd or you can find her on iTunes. She is AMAZING. Her heart is so big and it is fully dedicated to Jesus (: I love her. Seriously, go check her out.

June 19: Father's Day! At my work we got to wear mustaches for the day. I was loving it.
We already have been over the fact that I love facial hair.

June 20: One of my favorite days this month! My family went to the Cubs VS. Sox game at US Cellular! (: Baseball is a huge thing in my family. We are all some serious Cub fans. And the Cubbies pulled out a win that night! The only night they one from that series was the night that we were there. (: The weather was in the mid 70s and it was a little cloudy but it  was beautiful.

I love my mom and dad so much (: And these pictures made me realize how much I actually look like them...

we all got dressed up for the game (:

June 21: I went to the waterpark with my best friend all day and came home the exact same shade of pasty, translucent, white as when I left. My brother had a theory last year that I just reflect the sun like a mirror would because I am so white. I think he may be on to something. I also got to go to bdubs with my two best friends for our birthdays. (: I missed being with them.

June 24: Behold The Branch cd release!! YEAH! I have been waiting for this day for over a year now and they only started recording in the spring. They are supposed to have a download available for the public so I will let you all know when I find that (: These guys are my favorite group of men (and Ruthie) I have ever met. Each one of them is so unique and funny and real. I have a deep respect for all of them. They are currently away in Bushnel, IL at Cornerstone and I miss them so much. I can't wait for them to come home and go to the show on Sunday! (Ascend The Hill, The Great Awakening, and Behold The Branch @ The Branch. Sunday July 3 at 7 pm! You should come out!)

I guess that is all I have time for today. Another busy, busy day today! More to come soon though. I have been doing more thrifting and crafting lately so I should be posting them! Stay tuned for more. Check out all the links. Mark your calanders for a show this weekend. Have a lovely 4th of July. (:

Nancy (:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Piece of My Heart

If you know me really well or even a little it is no secret that one of my biggest passions in life is that for fashion. I may not wear the trendiest outfits myself, but some of the greatest fashion stylists don't dress that nicely. From day to day I am kind of a jeans and a t-shirt girl, although lately I have been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. I just love the summer time for just that reason! (:
Anyways, I went to GoodWill the other day with my mom and I found some dresses and skirts that I found to be very outdated and totally not my style, but they had potentional. And here we go...
The first item is a skirt that I found that looked like something my mom would have worn in the 90's and even with the whole "vintage" thing it had going on, it still wasn't so cute.

(disclaimer: I later paired this outfit with the belt from bellow and it looked MUCH better.)
I have a smaller frame so the length and pattern just kinda swallowed up my whole lower body so I decided all this skirt needed was a little loving and someone to raise its hemline. And I think it turn out to be pretty cute.

I love mixing a little bit of feminine and masculine together. I officially love this outfit.
The next item that I picked up is a dress in this amazing navy blue color that totally compliments my eyes, but it was basically horrendous. It was way too long on me and had these lovely puffy sleeves with a nice bow detail on them. I almost forgot my before picture...

(I forgot it had a zipper on the side so I couldn't for the life of me fit it over my dress form.)
And the back of the dress is super cute with these buttons.

But the sleeves HAD to go and the lenght was so horrible on me. So here is how this one turned out.

I found I can wear it forwards or backwards and it looks pretty great either way. I am super proud of how these both turned out! (:

In other news, my best friend is graduating on Tuesday which is weird to think about. And I will be done with school by next week as well. I'm gunna be 18 in 13 days! Woot woot. Haha, the more I think about it the more I feel like it is going to be a stupid birthday but then I think about it agian and I am still really excited no matter what anyone tells me!
Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues is incredible. I think they might be topping Mumford And Sons on my No. 1 chart right now. I've been listening to the new music in the car now for over a week. I am in love. And I love that Old Navy plays a few of the new tunes. Now I don't have to keep hearing Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga while I work.

Nancy (:

ps. I NEED a polaroid camera.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Amazing and Beautiful, Amanda Knight.

A good friend of mine was diagnosed yesterday with lukiema. Her name is Amanda Knight and she is amazing. She is a tiny little thing but she's got that special big girl attitude.

This girl is crazy and so much fun to be around.
I first met her at a youth group convention I attended with a friend of mine in November. We got to be crazy together and also have our intimate times with God together. The faith of this girl is incredible!
While at the convention I learned that she was going to the same "homeschool school" that I was going to. I had heard her name around my classes because she is on the volleyball team, but never seen her around. (And let me just tell you, this team is not just a team, they are a family of wildly fansatic volleyball players. And I know that volleyball is a HUGE part of her life.)

(she is the one on the left)
I also found out that my older brother was taking an english class with her older brother at Purdue Cal.
After the convention I actually started to see her around school and we'd talk and laugh about different things inbetween classes or after school briefly. She came in to work a few times to see me and that basically made my days awesome.
I found some other odd connections to her and her family as well that aren't really worth mentioning because they are about as random as a fifth cousin's neighbor's dog breeder's step-unlce's adopted child.
Anyways. Prayers for Amanda would be much appreciated. She is a tough girl but I can't imagine she is excited for this. I know I'd be scared out of my mind...

Who couldn't love a girl like her? I know I sure do (:

Nancy (:

ps. 17 days until Jess gets married!
19 days until my birthday!
24 days until Amanda's birhtday (:

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, not gunna lie, I totally love facial hair. I think it is fantastic. Growing up I can remember sitting in the "reading corner" in 5th grade talking with my friends about different movies and the men in the movies and I don't remember who exactly I was talking about but I remember saying the best thing about him was his beard. And all of my friends thought I was crazy because "facial hair is gross!!!!" Haha, I think men look more manly with facial hair, and who doesn't want a manly man?!
I mean look at this difference. So much better with the beard.

Not only do I like beards, but mustaches are right up my alley. Not only does a mustache make a man look better, but it makes everything look better. Here are a few of my favorite mustache objects. (:

no longer 'stache your jewelry in a box! From this Etsy shop.
Body Pillow! From this Etsy shop.
Earrings from this shop (also other cute earrings from here!)
I love all of the mustaches and such on Mod Cloth and Urban Outfitters as well.

In other news, old polaroid camera and film are top on my birthday wish list now! I would LOVE to have something like that to capture my life's greatest moments. I love the old texture and the instant prints, there is something about having that hard copy in your hand right away that I really like.
Bon Iver, July 24, at the Chicago Theatre is also on the top of that list, along with cigars and lottery tickets.
Hooray for almost being 18! I'm so pumped.
School is almost over and summer is in the air. This summer is going to be great. I've been buying up lots of cheap sundresses and skirts around to wear all the time this summer (: I may also be making some of my own, but I'll keep you posted.
Last but not least, I saw my 4th grade teacher at the mall today. It's only been 7 years since I was in her class yet she thought I was at least 20. I wasn't sure how to feel about that.

Nancy (:

ps. June is fast approaching and it is going to be such an awesome month! (:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Trees And Other Things

Today is such a beautiful day! It did rain a little but it is so nice out.

As I mentioned in my previous post I got my hair cut this morning and it is pretty different. I most definitely didn't stick to the Ashlee Simpson bangs. I brought Reese Witherspoon in as inspiration for my bangs and I feel I am rocking them.
I got some short layers with the bangs and overall I really love the new look. (:

Also today I have been thinking about the bare wall in my room.  I really want to put some sort of cute wall decal on it. Here are some I liked.

Most of them are found on Etsy at this shop or this shop. I really love all of the different bidcage ideas I found in the second shop. (Other pictures I just found browsing google (: haha)
My bedroom currently has 2 themes: travel/fashion and birds/nature.
I made a comforter this winter that has birds on it and then I have a few poster sized pictures on my wall with the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge and also have my dress form in my room.
I would like to make my switch over to more of a nature theme but I'm not sure yet. And I have the misfortune of having a chair rail on my walls so it somewhat limits what I can do as far as decals go.
We'll see where this takes us!

In other news, there's a show at The Branch tonight that I am pretty stoked for cause I've got a couple friends coming out with me (:
Jess's bridal shower is tomorrow (:
Mother's Day is on Sunday! But I have to work basically all day, boo ):
1 month and 1 day until I am officially an adult!! :D
And lastly, ACT testing in a little over a month...

Nancy (:

ps. To add to the trees here is a really awesome picture my brother's girlfriend drew of Whiting Park.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Been A While

Wow, I haven't posted anything in a while. And now I have so much going on! My past week and a half seems like it's been super super busy. I guess I'll start off with last week Monday (:
My friends got home from Guatemala and so I went to visit them last Monday. Both of my friends got me some pretty sweet presents there to (: My friend Luke got me this awesome bag that is made out of a Guatemalan coffee bag and it's pretty awesome. And Bethany got me a very pretty faux pearl necklace. I love how both of my friends know the different sides of me so well (:
Tuesday I had the wonderful oppertunity to hang out with Jess again while we registered for her wedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond and we found some awesome shoes at DSW for her to wear at the wedding (:
Wednesday and Thursday I worked all day and we have been pretty crazy busy at Old Navy lately. I love when we are busy cause you don't just stand around doing nothing.
Fridays are just always a good day. Haha.
Skip the weekend because I basically did absolutely nothing.
Monday again I went over to Jess's house and we did some brain storming for her wedding reception and I got to meet her little sisters who are super cute (:
Yesterday dragged on for forever and today is Wednesday. I love Wednesday's cause they are usually relaxing and then I have bible study tonight.
I've been looking through some different catalogs today and some online searching and I've found some pretty awesome new things. I have basically fallen in love with oxford shoes lately.
This is a par for delias that I just love!
Also, I am getting my hair cut on Friday and I'm thinking I'll get my bangs something like this...
Hopefully I'll figure out how to get them to stay like that. And I'll just get some super awesome layers. I wish my hair was as long as hers right now. I miss it so much!!
Ah, I guess that's all for today! (:

Nancy (:

ps. last day of classes next Monday! (: