Friday, May 6, 2011

Trees And Other Things

Today is such a beautiful day! It did rain a little but it is so nice out.

As I mentioned in my previous post I got my hair cut this morning and it is pretty different. I most definitely didn't stick to the Ashlee Simpson bangs. I brought Reese Witherspoon in as inspiration for my bangs and I feel I am rocking them.
I got some short layers with the bangs and overall I really love the new look. (:

Also today I have been thinking about the bare wall in my room.  I really want to put some sort of cute wall decal on it. Here are some I liked.

Most of them are found on Etsy at this shop or this shop. I really love all of the different bidcage ideas I found in the second shop. (Other pictures I just found browsing google (: haha)
My bedroom currently has 2 themes: travel/fashion and birds/nature.
I made a comforter this winter that has birds on it and then I have a few poster sized pictures on my wall with the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge and also have my dress form in my room.
I would like to make my switch over to more of a nature theme but I'm not sure yet. And I have the misfortune of having a chair rail on my walls so it somewhat limits what I can do as far as decals go.
We'll see where this takes us!

In other news, there's a show at The Branch tonight that I am pretty stoked for cause I've got a couple friends coming out with me (:
Jess's bridal shower is tomorrow (:
Mother's Day is on Sunday! But I have to work basically all day, boo ):
1 month and 1 day until I am officially an adult!! :D
And lastly, ACT testing in a little over a month...

Nancy (:

ps. To add to the trees here is a really awesome picture my brother's girlfriend drew of Whiting Park.

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