Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Been A While

Wow, I haven't posted anything in a while. And now I have so much going on! My past week and a half seems like it's been super super busy. I guess I'll start off with last week Monday (:
My friends got home from Guatemala and so I went to visit them last Monday. Both of my friends got me some pretty sweet presents there to (: My friend Luke got me this awesome bag that is made out of a Guatemalan coffee bag and it's pretty awesome. And Bethany got me a very pretty faux pearl necklace. I love how both of my friends know the different sides of me so well (:
Tuesday I had the wonderful oppertunity to hang out with Jess again while we registered for her wedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond and we found some awesome shoes at DSW for her to wear at the wedding (:
Wednesday and Thursday I worked all day and we have been pretty crazy busy at Old Navy lately. I love when we are busy cause you don't just stand around doing nothing.
Fridays are just always a good day. Haha.
Skip the weekend because I basically did absolutely nothing.
Monday again I went over to Jess's house and we did some brain storming for her wedding reception and I got to meet her little sisters who are super cute (:
Yesterday dragged on for forever and today is Wednesday. I love Wednesday's cause they are usually relaxing and then I have bible study tonight.
I've been looking through some different catalogs today and some online searching and I've found some pretty awesome new things. I have basically fallen in love with oxford shoes lately.
This is a par for delias that I just love!
Also, I am getting my hair cut on Friday and I'm thinking I'll get my bangs something like this...
Hopefully I'll figure out how to get them to stay like that. And I'll just get some super awesome layers. I wish my hair was as long as hers right now. I miss it so much!!
Ah, I guess that's all for today! (:

Nancy (:

ps. last day of classes next Monday! (:


  1. Wish I had saved all my shoes from the 80s - would have saved you lots of money. I had the shoes you posted above - almost identical. Hope you figure out the bangs thing...

  2. Ask Kat? She had some good advice for me awhile back - her bangs are styled like that just a bit longer.