Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, not gunna lie, I totally love facial hair. I think it is fantastic. Growing up I can remember sitting in the "reading corner" in 5th grade talking with my friends about different movies and the men in the movies and I don't remember who exactly I was talking about but I remember saying the best thing about him was his beard. And all of my friends thought I was crazy because "facial hair is gross!!!!" Haha, I think men look more manly with facial hair, and who doesn't want a manly man?!
I mean look at this difference. So much better with the beard.

Not only do I like beards, but mustaches are right up my alley. Not only does a mustache make a man look better, but it makes everything look better. Here are a few of my favorite mustache objects. (:

no longer 'stache your jewelry in a box! From this Etsy shop.
Body Pillow! From this Etsy shop.
Earrings from this shop (also other cute earrings from here!)
I love all of the mustaches and such on Mod Cloth and Urban Outfitters as well.

In other news, old polaroid camera and film are top on my birthday wish list now! I would LOVE to have something like that to capture my life's greatest moments. I love the old texture and the instant prints, there is something about having that hard copy in your hand right away that I really like.
Bon Iver, July 24, at the Chicago Theatre is also on the top of that list, along with cigars and lottery tickets.
Hooray for almost being 18! I'm so pumped.
School is almost over and summer is in the air. This summer is going to be great. I've been buying up lots of cheap sundresses and skirts around to wear all the time this summer (: I may also be making some of my own, but I'll keep you posted.
Last but not least, I saw my 4th grade teacher at the mall today. It's only been 7 years since I was in her class yet she thought I was at least 20. I wasn't sure how to feel about that.

Nancy (:

ps. June is fast approaching and it is going to be such an awesome month! (:

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  1. i agree about facial hair. my boyfriend of 4 years is a bearded babe and i wouldn't want him any other way :]