Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Amazing and Beautiful, Amanda Knight.

A good friend of mine was diagnosed yesterday with lukiema. Her name is Amanda Knight and she is amazing. She is a tiny little thing but she's got that special big girl attitude.

This girl is crazy and so much fun to be around.
I first met her at a youth group convention I attended with a friend of mine in November. We got to be crazy together and also have our intimate times with God together. The faith of this girl is incredible!
While at the convention I learned that she was going to the same "homeschool school" that I was going to. I had heard her name around my classes because she is on the volleyball team, but never seen her around. (And let me just tell you, this team is not just a team, they are a family of wildly fansatic volleyball players. And I know that volleyball is a HUGE part of her life.)

(she is the one on the left)
I also found out that my older brother was taking an english class with her older brother at Purdue Cal.
After the convention I actually started to see her around school and we'd talk and laugh about different things inbetween classes or after school briefly. She came in to work a few times to see me and that basically made my days awesome.
I found some other odd connections to her and her family as well that aren't really worth mentioning because they are about as random as a fifth cousin's neighbor's dog breeder's step-unlce's adopted child.
Anyways. Prayers for Amanda would be much appreciated. She is a tough girl but I can't imagine she is excited for this. I know I'd be scared out of my mind...

Who couldn't love a girl like her? I know I sure do (:

Nancy (:

ps. 17 days until Jess gets married!
19 days until my birthday!
24 days until Amanda's birhtday (:

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