Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Piece of My Heart

If you know me really well or even a little it is no secret that one of my biggest passions in life is that for fashion. I may not wear the trendiest outfits myself, but some of the greatest fashion stylists don't dress that nicely. From day to day I am kind of a jeans and a t-shirt girl, although lately I have been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. I just love the summer time for just that reason! (:
Anyways, I went to GoodWill the other day with my mom and I found some dresses and skirts that I found to be very outdated and totally not my style, but they had potentional. And here we go...
The first item is a skirt that I found that looked like something my mom would have worn in the 90's and even with the whole "vintage" thing it had going on, it still wasn't so cute.

(disclaimer: I later paired this outfit with the belt from bellow and it looked MUCH better.)
I have a smaller frame so the length and pattern just kinda swallowed up my whole lower body so I decided all this skirt needed was a little loving and someone to raise its hemline. And I think it turn out to be pretty cute.

I love mixing a little bit of feminine and masculine together. I officially love this outfit.
The next item that I picked up is a dress in this amazing navy blue color that totally compliments my eyes, but it was basically horrendous. It was way too long on me and had these lovely puffy sleeves with a nice bow detail on them. I almost forgot my before picture...

(I forgot it had a zipper on the side so I couldn't for the life of me fit it over my dress form.)
And the back of the dress is super cute with these buttons.

But the sleeves HAD to go and the lenght was so horrible on me. So here is how this one turned out.

I found I can wear it forwards or backwards and it looks pretty great either way. I am super proud of how these both turned out! (:

In other news, my best friend is graduating on Tuesday which is weird to think about. And I will be done with school by next week as well. I'm gunna be 18 in 13 days! Woot woot. Haha, the more I think about it the more I feel like it is going to be a stupid birthday but then I think about it agian and I am still really excited no matter what anyone tells me!
Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues is incredible. I think they might be topping Mumford And Sons on my No. 1 chart right now. I've been listening to the new music in the car now for over a week. I am in love. And I love that Old Navy plays a few of the new tunes. Now I don't have to keep hearing Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga while I work.

Nancy (:

ps. I NEED a polaroid camera.

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