Friday, April 15, 2011

Forever Young

Being young has it's charms but sometimes it just sucks. I always feel like I am missing out on awesome oppertunities and fun times because I am too young. My brother is older than me and alomst all of my friends are older than me too. You have to be 18 be able to legally do certain things. Because of my birthday my parents started me later in school. I could be graduating this year but no, I get another whole year of school without some of my very best friends around. This week is practice I suppose.
Two of my favorite people in the whole world, Luke Johnson and Bethany VanderMolen, are going to be in Guatemala all week with school on a service trip. No phones, no internet, no communication with Nancy /: Blah. I am really going to miss talking to them this week. They will be planting gardens and helping out at the orphanages and other missions type projects during the week. Every year the school that I used to go to has a "service week" in April and all of the different classes go to different places to do service projects. The senior class goes to Guat and my old class, the juniors, will be in Inez, Kentucky helping out in the hollows and such there. The people in that part of Kentucky are really in need of help, both spiritually and physically and there is not much better than a bunch of able bodied Christian school kids. So, I get to be stuck at home all week with my best friends gone. I guess I'll have quite a bit of time to pray for them and their saftey.
Well, I hope I get to start my previously mentioned curtain project this week with all my free time. I need something to do or I might go insane. I guess I could always use this time to get caught up with my school work so I can maybe graduate early!? (:
I am kinda sick of this grey sky, I want it to be blue and sunshine. Summer time!!! Hooooray!
Awwww yeah!
In music news, Sleeping At Last has their lastest cd Storyboards up for a free download. They are pretty amazing if you ask me.
I've been having some pretty weird dreams lately too...but those aren't really anyhting news worthy.
Also on Friday nights a bunch of my friends are in a band that plays an awesome worship service. It is at a place called The Branch n downtown Valpo and it starts at 7:30 every Friday. The band that plays will be recording their music at the end of this month and I am super excited for their stuff to get heard. They are incredible. You can check out the band at their facebook (though they don't have any music yet) here. And you can also check out the venue at their website here or also on their facebook here. Along with the worship on Friday's they have some really awesome bible studies going on during the week that you should check out for reals.
Lastly, have I mentioned I hate chemistry?

Nancy (:

ps. egg rolls = yummy!

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