Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Week Thus Far

Sunday I had the pleasure of spending my day with my mom. She is my very best friend and we had so much fun together (:
We started our fun filled day off at the movie theatre. We saw Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. It was a pretty good movie. I would, however, reccomend not spending the money at the theatre.
After the movie we headed over to the mall to pick up a few things and while heading out we walked past a photobooth and I suggested we take a few pictures.
On our way home we stopped at Subway and DQ to take home for dinner that night. Then we went over to the movie store by our house to see if anything new was out that we wanted to see and, well, we are one of the only 2 people who ever walk out of there without a movie.
Instead of watching another movie that night we colored my hair! YAY to be blonde again!! (: I had tried coloring my hair back to blonde a few weeks ago and the color did absolutely nothing. So I started using some old school Sun-In and it lightened my hair enough that it picked up the new color. I love being blonde. If I ever want to go dark again, please, everyone, tell me no!!
We eventually ate our Subway and DQ and then came on the epic stomach ache. Popcorn, candy, and large Icee's at the theatre plus blizzard and a 6inch sub equals not a fun time. The stomach ache lasted through the night, through my 3 hours of class on Monday, my drive home and the 2 hour nap I took. Thankfully when I woke up Monday evening I was feeling a little better.
My dad and brother were both gone again last night so my mom and I sat around watching some tv. We caught up on the last episode of The Biggest Loser (we LOVE that show!) and then we watched Dancing With The Stars, a new show I have been sort of watching. I love the way Chelsea and Mark have a way of keeping the dances young and fun to watch.
So far the week has been pretty great. Today has been boring, just doing my math and some other random stuff in my room. Can't wait to watch the new Biggest Loser tonight (:

Nancy (:

ps. shorter blog next time. I won't have all the catching up to do.
pss. 55 days til I turn 18!! (:

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